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Please help keep this website alive and kicking. Anything you can spare will help keep me adding content for my son and future family members that find it.


I am always updating this website so be aware that some areas are not finished and other areas are finished. So be patient and everything will eventually be in place. The content will continue to be updated almost everyday so that after a year or two I will have most of my life stories posted. Thanks again for visiting my website.



There is really no way to cover everything that has happened in my life on this website, so it will be a work in progress and besides, right now it is all scrambled in my head and I am trying to put it all together and written down in one place for postarity. I decided to also made a contact form for you to contact me for more information on anything I have said or deeper understanding on any situation I was in over a 35 year period of time.


Feel free to comment on anything you read, I only ask that you be nice and communicate in a proper fashion otherwise I will block your IP address from contacting me again. I do not want to receive discounts, Viagra ads or any other spam mail. No Negative Opinions or banter either, I will simply delete it. Remember your life was not my life and I am just writing it all down as I experienced it for posterity and my son.





It's always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!
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