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The Ghost of 29 megacycles by John Grant Fuller (non-Fiction)


This information has to do with a physical device that was created by the meta-science foundation based in Franklyn North Carolina that allowed actual two way contact with the dead,  that’s right I said the dead. Before you flame on me, scroll to the bottom and download the files, unzip them and read it all before you do something you might regret later.

This book is out of print now, but if you search hard enough like I did you can find a copy or two for yourself.  You need to know that there were two books put out, same author, same name but a different publishing company. The second one has over 100 extra pages, and the second book has more details about everything they were doing.  Some of us think the first book was disinformation. Again, you can be the judge.

I have been following “The Ghost of 29 Megacycles for over 20 years and it is all seems “Real” to me. The voice recordings and people involved were real too. I have personally spoken to family and friends who lived in Franklin N.C. There will be links at the end of this post for downloading the books and the technical manual. Inspect them, research them and let’s see if it could actually be done.

If you Google deep enough on the web you will eventually find marc Macy’s name (hope I spelled it right) He said that George meek gave everything to him before he died, I called bullshit.  I have found this to be false, he does not poses "Spiricom" he has some documents that’s about it. This guy has even had real National TV air time, and all he talked about was mysterious emails he received from ghosts...He's a tool. I would have told the world about Spiricom. At least Dr Meek mailed out 100 blueprints to scientists around the world to try and get people to listen before it was all shut down.


Contents of this section:

  1. Book 1
  2. Book 2
  3. Spiricom audio
  4. Pictures
  5. Spiricom Technical Manual (meek sent 100 of them around the world)
  6. EVP Program I found long ago
  7. Dr Meek book

All I can do is give you the information I have gathered over 15 years.

Please repost this informatin if oyu can in multiple locations for others to download. The more copies out there the less chance they can shut it up.

I have taken a lot of crap over the years for even mentioning this book, that’s Okay because that’s what they do, and I don’t care.  I have gathered enough evidence to start this post.  Maybe together we can find out why a “NON-FICTION” was published, that sounds more like FICTION.

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