Inside the  MIND of


I tried to settle down when my son was born back in 1995. Started a Computer busiless that I ended up running for over 20 years. but for the first 5 years I tolerated his mother who was a complete bitch, you know the type...

Anyways after the divorce I dated on and off and eventually at 50 I found the woman of my dreams. She has been a blessing ever since. We are going on  6 years now and I regret nothing. She is always there for me andI for her. we talk out everything and dig deep to solve problems and accept responsibility for everything we do in this life. She is the best friend I thought I would never find!

She has helped me see a better person inside and even though was a roller coaster ride in the begining we now peace most of the time. I did have a breakdown due to my PTSD but I sought help with her help and now I am on total disability for the PTSD, seeing doctors and Psychologist to help me dig deep and try to fix or repair everything that happened to me in my 55 years of living. Now I am happier then I have been throughout my whole life with her.

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