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My Life Story

My life has been colorful to say the least. I have been living on my own since I was 15 and have had to take the hard road to learn about life while trying to not end up dead or in prison. It was very hard in the beginning to understand the world but after 30 plus years I see the world a whole lot different than when I was 15. I learned that we live in a very fucked up world where most people put on blinders to whats really going on just to get from day to day. Many people have the support of their families or relatives, I had neither. They acted like I was dead and never cared about me at all, so I was truly on my own. The only support I found was with people who were like me, people living on the streets and trusting only a rare few.

I have rode with bikers in Florida, did sweat lodges using ceremonial Peyote, worked major networks and post productions facilities At one point I even had to sleep behind a dumpster for a week while surviving on the streets. Life is full of ups and downs to say the least. And for me Victory goes to the ones who learn lessons, brush themselves off and get back on their feet and do it again. At times in my life I was Rich, Poor ,and Homeless. I have Died twice and left my body both times, been Religious at times, incarcerated, loved, hated and a whole lot more.

I have hitchhiked this whole country and part of Mexico, and while on my Road Trips I have experienced so many things from the 70's thru to the 90's it will be hard to remember it all. I also drove coast to coast 4 times in a 1970 Buick Skylark 2d custom muscle car spending more then 10 years on the road Drifting. After traveling this country I will say that I prefer the mountains to the city but over the years work has forced me to live in the city and I feel that's tragic, we should be where we feel comfortable.

On this website you will have the chance to read all about my adventures here in the "My Life Story" section of this website as I get them posted. One day I might even organize them too! LOL There is really no way to cover everything that has happened in my life on this website, so it will be a work in progress while I remember the experiences, but right now it is all scrambled in my head and I am trying to put it all together and written down in one place for posterity.

I decided to also made a contact form for you to contact me for more information on anything I have said or deeper understanding on any situation I was in over a 35 year period of time. Feel free to comment on anything you read, I only ask that you be nice and communicate in a proper fashion otherwise I will block your IP address from contacting me again. I do not want to receive discounts, Viagra ads or any other spam mail. No Negative Opinions or banter either, I will simply delete it. Remember your life was not my life and I am just writing it all down as I experienced it for posterity and my son.

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